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ALAN JOHNSTON PhD. Artist/Naturalist
92 rue G D Charlotte, L-9515 WILTZ

tel/fax +35226950203


NO TVA : LU 16806533

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With Many Thanks to…

For the mastering of this website: Nikolai Kraneis –

This website would not have been possible without the generous help from a number of people and organisations who allowed me to publish their material on it.

For Reproduction of Books /Artwork already published:

Galimard Jeunesse, Paris (F). Nathan Paris (F). Equinoxe Editions/Edisud,Saint- Remy (F). Conservatoire du Littoral, Paris (F). Editions Saint- Paul/ Nature&Umwelt, (L). Office du Tourisme de La Hague (F). Actes Sud, Arles (F) (Illustrations). Administration de La Nature et Forêts, Ministère de L’Environnment (L). POST Luxembourg, Office des Timbres (L). ARTOB Kijimadaira Association (JP).

For Photography:

Carine Johnston, Photograher (L). Jean-Luc Vasselin, Florence Vasselin (F), Jackie Beck (L), Gunter Reinmann (D), Sayaka Maruyama, ARTOB KIJIMADAIRA Cultural Association (JP), Aigo Eichi. Journalist (JP). Ministère de l’Education Nationale (L). Centre Scolaire Park Hosingen (L), Centre Scolaire Schoulkauz, Wilwerwiltz (L), and the Syndicat d’Initiative, Kaundorf (L).

For Video Clips:

Jean-Francois Robic, Video Artist (F).
Kijimadaira Local TV station (JP).
FR3 Picardie : Bernard et Sabine Goddard (F) .

For photography of In situ work:

Carine Johnston, Photograher. Administration La Nature et Forêts, Ministère de L’environnment (L). Maja Devetak, Bureau Devetak, (L). Michael Hussmann, Eckfeld (D) Naturpark Our (L). 

For reproductions of Paintings:

Jean-Louis Hess, Photographer, Strasbourg (F) (some works), most of which are now held in Private and Public Collections.

Nota Bene

To all vistors of this website, All the images and texts on this website bear the copyright of their author and maker Alan Johnston and hopefully it includes much useful information. Should the reader wish to cite extracts of the text, he or she should feel free to do so, providing that the author and/ this website address are accredited.

All images bear the copyright and readers who wish to copy or publish these, must write to him.

Thank you for your understanding.