This is a selection of illustrations commissioned by the French editors “Actes Sud/Conservatoire du Littoral” for a series of little books on the Conservatory’s sites on the French coast: CAP GRIS NEZ ET CAP BLANC-NEZ written by Benoit Lobez. LE DOMAINE D’ABBADIA written by Jean-François Terasse and LA BAIE DE SOMME, MARQUENTERRE written by Jaques Béal (also in English). As I prefer to work in situ “en plein air”, my illustration work is done in ‘real time’ and commissions are all too often at too short notice to allow this way of working.

So for these books I was on site and the illustrations are field sketches or copies of my field sketches ‘worked up’ in the studio. I had a particularly good working realationship with Jacques Béal in the BAIE DE SOMME, MARQUENTERRE and Jacques decided he would describe the Bay in real time too, in that very cold winter of 1997, when part of the sea actually froze! These illustrations were re-published in 2007 in a larger format as CÔTE D’OPALE, PROMENADES ECOLOGIQUES ET LITTERAIRES and as a compliation of all books in the series in the ENCYCLOPEDIE DU LITTORAL, 2010.

I have also illustrated books on Luxembourgs wild orchids and 12 stamps for Luxembourg including 2 Europa Stamps, in 2011. If I prefer illustrating my own ‘one-man books’, I enjoy illustrating other author’s books: I just need plenty of advance warning!